Research Ethics Regulations                                                                                           Enacted on November 30, 2020

Article 1 (Purpose)The purpose of this regulation is to encourage the sound development of research by specifying the issues

to be addressed by members of the Community in the process of conducting research and by defining the principles and standards

of research ethics.

Article 2 (Supervision)All matters necessary for compliance with the research ethics of this society and its members are supervised by

the Ethics and Regulations Committee.

Article 3 (Violation of research ethics)In the course of the scholarly activities of this society and its members, the following violations

of research ethics are prohibited: at this time, actions relating to academic activities are connected to the activities prescribed in the Charter

of Study Ethics, the publishing of academic journals and the presentation of academic papers and breaches of research ethics:1. Unauthorized

usage and plagiarism  ① If the concept of the original author is taken or used at random without disclosing the source, logic, special language,

data, and interpretation

method  ② If the source is exposed, but the original text is transferred without quotation marks2. Resubmit the consequences of the initial presentation or the findings of study
3. Study Data Fabrication
4. Specify the scope and order of writers not based on the research contribution
  ① Whether the author is included by the use of a role or authority, without contributing to the research contribution
  ② In the case of being the first author or the accompanying author, by using a separate status or jurisdiction from the participation order
5. The process of sending the same manuscript concurrently to other publications and the society
6. Such issues that challenge the spirit of the Charter of Academic Research Ethics

Article 4 (Publication)Due to the nature and materiality of the publication, the following items shall be placed on participants relevant to the breach

of the research ethics referred to in Article 3. The form and level of penalties shall be decided in compliance with the Ethics and Regulations Committee

referred to in Article 2.1. Membership revocation or disqualification2. Suspension or abolition of credentials to apply and print journal articles
3. Revocation in the case of a quarterly journal of the publication and publication of the study

Article 5 (Compliance with Research Ethics Regulations)
When submitting a manuscript, all authors must submit a 'Pledge of Compliance with Research Ethics' for compliance with research ethics


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