Founding purpose

The purpose of this association is to share the research results of domestic and international education, and to promote mutual understanding of academic development and education by sharing domestic and international exchanges between individuals and institutions on education and research results. To this end, the Association conducts information exchange and research projects related to domestic and international education, holds academic conferences to promote educational exchange, and focuses on exchange projects, publishing and distributing journals and other publications, and conducting research activities for members. In addition to executing the development project, it intends to carry out the support project for educational policy development and educational field improvement activities, and other projects necessary to achieve the purpose.


2020. 02. 20 Inauguration of the Establishment Promotion Committee of the Korea International Education Exchange Association

2020. 11. 18 Established the Korean Society for International Education Exchange

2021.08.30 Corporate changed to Korea Society International Relations and Education

Address: Busan City,  Geumjeong-gu,   Geumgang-ro 271, passfinder, 4th floor, room 4001.