The 1st International Conference Leaflet

Issuing time:2021-08-16 12:07

Hello,This is theKorea Society of International Exchange and Education. Our Society intends tohold an online international academic conference for two days from November 26(Fri) to 27 (Sat). The entire schedule of this non-face to-face conference willbe provided as the following leaflet. If you wish to participate, pleasecontact the conference via email ( For details, pleaserefer to the leaflet and the website of the society. We ask for the activeparticipation of many researchers.

thank you.

[한국국제교육교류학회]제1회 국제학술대회 리플렛.jpg

Address: Busan City,  Geumjeong-gu,   Geumgang-ro 271, passfinder, 4th floor, room 4001.