Notice of extension of academic paper application period

Issuing time:2021-11-30 17:56

ØPaper Submission Schedule

-   Publication date: 11.31(Fir)

- Submission deadline: extended to 12.10

ØHowto submit paper

Join the Society's HP→Paythe annual fee→Sendsubmission materials to the Society by e-mail - For submission form andprocedure, refer to [Academic Research]- [Journal Publication Form]

ØSubmission material       

- 3types of materials required for paper submission

- Academic paper

- Review KCI thesis similarity testresult -Research Ethics Compliance Agreement and Copyright Delegation Agreement

Quantityof submitted papers: Based on 15 pages (minimum 10 pages, maximum 30 pages)

ØPaper submission fee andpublication fee

Annualfee: 30,000 won  

PDF electronic issuance method, thereis no separate examination fee and publication fee

If you wish to receive a separate print, a separate fee will be incurred,please contact our society

NH 농협: 0281-2332-11 (Account holder:International Relations & Interdisciplinary Education)

Address: Busan City,  Geumjeong-gu,   Geumgang-ro 271, passfinder, 4th floor, room 4001.