[Notice]Announcement of the conference of the 2023 extraordinary general meeting of the Korea Associ

Issuing time:2023-07-10 10:51

As the term of office of the four executives (directors) expired on June 20, the Korean Society for International Education and Exchange, an incorporated corporation, would like to convene an extraordinary general meeting as follows by Articles 12 and 15 of the Articles of Incorporation.

- under-

1. Date and place: 20:00 on Monday, July 17, 2023;

ZOOM (ID: 618-892-3192)


2. Title of agenda: 1. Approval of reappointment of executives (resolution)

2. Partial revision of the Articles of Incorporation

* The 2023 Extraordinary General Assembly is for regular members of the Korea Association for International Education and Exchange, and the Secretariat will inform regular members of the power of attorney and related documents through a separate guide (wired).

* Related inquiries: Auditor Jimmy Young (010-2360-4415, korea-sire@naver.com)


Park Chang-eon, chairman of the Korea Association for International Education Exchange (official name omitted)

Address: Busan City,  Geumjeong-gu,   Geumgang-ro 271, passfinder, 4th floor, room 4001.