<Convergence Education and International Exchange> Announcement of Recruitment of Papers for the Fir

Issuing time:2021-06-21 12:11

The purpose of this association is topromote academic development and mutual understanding of education by sharingresearch achievements in domestic and foreign education, and through domesticand international exchanges between individuals and institutions on educationand research results. We would like to publish the first issue of the journal<Convergence Education and International Exchange> in order to promotethe sharing of these research results.

■ Paper format and publication requirements

  Papers that have not been published in other journals as experiments orliterature research papers applying academic research purposes and systematicresearch methods

■ Selection of published papers

  Papers that meet the theme of the thesis competition are selected afterfinal deliberation by the editorial committee based on the results of twojudges in the relevant field in accordance with the submitted thesis evaluationcriteria.

■ Qualifications for submission

  Paper submissions to our journal are, in principle, limited to regularmembers (lead authors and co-authors).

※ The annual fee for regular members is30,000 won, and the membership period is from January 1 to December 31 of thecurrent year regardless of the payment period.

   -Bank and account number: (Nonghyup) 301-0298-3829-31

   -Account holder: Korea Association for International Education Exchange

■ How to submit a thesis: You can applyonly through the website of the Society (http://www.korsire.com/)

  [Society website] Sign up → Payment of annual fee → Submit materials canbe sent to the society email (korea-sire@naver.com).

  When submitting a thesis, an academic thesis review, KCI thesissimilarity test result, research ethics compliance agreement and copyrightdelegation agreement are sent by e-mail

※ For submission form and procedure, referto [Academic Research] - [Journal Publication Form] on the website of theSociety

※ The plagiarism verification result passcriteria: The plagiarism rate (similarity) is less than 15% using the thesisplagiarism prevention system (copykiller.co.kr), the Korean Journal of CitationIndex (KCI) thesis similarity inspection service, etc.

■ Paper review fee and publication fee

  There is no separate examination fee and publication fee for thisjournal.

  Journal publication is done electronically in pdf format, and anadditional fee will be incurred if you wish to receive a separate print (if youapply for an off-print, apply by wire to the Society).

■ Copyright

Copyright on papers published in thejournal 『Convergence Education and InternationalExchange』 is transferred to the Korean Society forInternational Education and Exchange.

□ Inquiries related to thesis submissionand conference

  Tel. 010-6681-5348 (Secretary: Lee Min-hye), korea-sire@naver.com

Address: Busan City,  Geumjeong-gu,   Geumgang-ro 271, passfinder, 4th floor, room 4001.